Do you want to be part of the action? 

Competing in Robo Riots is an amazing experience. That thrill of designing, building and competing with your very own fighting robot is unlike anything else. But to participate takes mettle. This journey will not be easy. You will need to be resourceful and tenacious, an ingenious problem solve, part engineer and part artist. But you can do it.

Roboteers are happy to share their knowledge so join the groups on facebook or discord and learn how to make your own robot.

If you have a robot and want to take part, your robot must follow the FRA regulations.  We have a class 3 arena so no spinners, sorry.

Click here to link to the Roboteers application forms

If you don’t have a robot but still want to be part of the action, we have a limited number of volunteer positions. 

Click here for link to the volunteers application forms