Weight110 kg
Defence2mm Hardox
Top Speed25 mph
Drive System2 x 750w motors
PowerElectric for drive and pneumatic
WeaknessHighly Flammable

Diotoir (known in Irish as Díotóir, and Diotoir, Son of Nemesis in full) is a competitor robot from the Republic of Ireland, the successor to Nemesis, which competed in Series 3-5 of Robot Wars, both series of Robot Wars Extreme, and Robot Wars: World Series, aired as part of Series 10. The most successful Irish robot to compete on the show, it represented its home country on four occasions and reached the Semi-Finals of The First World Championship and two Heat Finals in the main UK Championship, as well as the finals of the International League Championship and Series 4 Celebrity Special respectively. Diotoir also won the Tag Team Terror competition in the first series of Extreme, paired with Pussycat, as well as two Sportsmanship Awards in Series 3-4 due to the actions of Team Nemesis.

Diotoir made its first Robot Wars appearance in Series 3 of the show’s original running, taking over from its predecessor Nemesis. As a result of this passing of the torch, the robot earned the full title Diotoir, Son of Nemesis. Despite its quirky red fir with black spots outer layer, the furry ‘bot put in some decent performances during its three years of combat in the main series. However, the highlight of many a Diotoir fight were its frequent run-ins with Sgt. Bash or the arena flame pit which left the robot’s outer coating alight.